KAMP HIKE #ONE: Don Robinson State Park

KAMP HIKE #ONE at Don Robinson State Park was a total rainout, but that didn't stop our KAMP crew. What's up with this crazy weather anyway? 
Don Robinson State Park is the result of its namesake's passion for the outdoors and conservation. This land is where he built his home, and invested the considerable profits from his St. Louis-based business (KAMPers, we are going to need you to buy a lot more stuff to do this too). It is one of Missouri's newest State Parks, having only been turned over to the State upon his death in 2012, and completes a network of conservation areas that together protect the LaBarque Creek watershed. If you have not yet been, you definitely need to go. It is an exceptional addition to our State's protected lands, and a beautiful spot for adventure!
Harper helping KAMPers across a stream.
A black and yellow millipede.
He may be all wet and covered in mud, but Harper looks pretty stoked about the hike!
Some images of the LaBarque Creek Trail on a drier day:
Our next hike is at the end of May, don't miss out!