Tentsile Flite+ and Spring Sale

Only three days left on the annual Spring Sale from Tentsile and KAMP, and you don't want to miss out on this opportunity (details above)!
So what is a "Tentsile"?
Tentsile is a manufacturer of the toughest, most versatile tree tents on the market, and like many of the vendors at KAMP, your dollars spent on Tentsile products go further than just company profits. For every tree tent sold, the company plants 18 trees! Working with State and National Parks systems and partnering with organizations like the "No Trace Foundation", there is little surprise that trees, and more importantly the forests that surround them, are important to Tentsile. 
Conservation efforts of the company notwithstanding, these tree tents are an excellent buy for many reasons. 
The Flite+, shown in these images and displayed in our storefront, goes up in minutes. Literally, minutes. Although we love camping, we both hate setting up the tent, with all of the interlocking poles and guy lines, which is why this tree tent was such a relief.
Two of the three anchoring straps affixed to the tent are held in place with a simple necktie knot (easy to install and easier to deinstall). The final attachment point is ratcheted into position for tension, and the ratchet is locked down to prevent any slippage. Some serious hardware you can sleep comfortable with:
  Another reason to buy this guy, just look at all the room (and this is the small 2-person model)!
A rain fly and nightshades are included, and additional accessories are available. 
If you are looking for a good deal, this is as sweet as it gets. Our stock is limited though, so stop by soon!