Females Are Strong As Hell

**But our lady readers all already know that (and guys, you better figure it out if you don't).**
The warmer weather is finally upon us (at least for a few days), which means breaking back out the dusty hiking boots and planning those treks! This "get ready to get hiking" post caters to the women in our KAMP crew, and we have some awesome in-store and online items to get you stoked for adventure. But first, we want to let you know about some upcoming hikes that Mandi, our boss babe, outdoor enthusiast, and professional mama bear, is leading. 
This weekend, she kicks off our KAMP Hikes with a stomp around Don Robinson State Park. It's free, the Park is so beautiful, good people will be there, and really, what's stopping you? All skill levels and kiddos are welcome.
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In addition, Mandi is leading another hike for the STL Female Trekkers group at Castlewood State Park on April 28. That excursion is for women-only. More details can be found in their Facebook Group (obviously no bros allowed), a safe community for women of all backgrounds to foster the enjoyment of nature in the St. Louis area.
Back to the goodies, the products pictured below all work just as well around town as on the trails. They all also fit easily inside the Fjallraven Kanken pictured, so you can save a tree on your purchase and skip the checkout bag! 
1. The Fjallraven Kanken in Warm Yellow is a rugged 16-liter pack that is a great crossover item from the trail to the streets. It opens like a suitcase, which means that you stuff waaaay more in there than it looks like you can and you can quickly access the items all the way at the bottom of the bag. It is a design that is tried and true, having its origin all the way back in the late 1970's in Sweden. Some customers have been concerned about dirtying the yellow, but that's also kind of the point. After all, this pack shines even more after some rough use and a little patina:
(photo @xtinanguyen_)
2. Those TOPO Designs peeps sure know what's up when it comes to functional and stylish outdoor wear! The pic features the TOPO Snapback Trucker in Green and the Climb Pants in Forest. For you ladies that are one part yogini, one part rock climber, one part backpacker, and one part city slicker, these bendy and trendy pants are just what you need!
3. Speaking of climbing, check out the rad Sushi Time Chalk Bag made by Aura-USA, a small climbing oriented company based out of Colorado. KAMP is the first brick-and-mortar store in Missouri to stock them, so you can take some pride in your trendsetter-ness next time you roll up to your climbing gym of choice.
4. We've heard the Nano 7 by Grand Trunk Goods described as a luxury item, since it's designed more as a lounger than a sleeper, but as soon as you kick up those tired dogs at the end of a long haul, gently swaying to a beautiful vista in the fading sun, we're pretty positive you'll think "luxury item be damned, this is a gotta have!" At only 7 ounces too, there's really no argument for not bringing it along.
5. This one's really an accompaniment to the Nano 7, Grand Trunk's Tree Slings do two important things: first, they protect those trees that you'll be hanging from by providing a wider surface area for your weight to distribute across, and second, they are the only hammock straps that are compliant with the requirements for strap thickness mandated by the Missouri State Parks. So get these and swing with confidence and in good conscious, lady hikers!
6. This one's sort of a no-brainer, but you gotta have that KAMP swag in your life! You may not already know this, but our house shirts are stamped with love by the guys at STL-Style, so you are supporting two Cherokee businesses in one when you snag these.   #RoamOrRust  
7. Shine a light with the Biolite PowerLight Mini, a tiny little workhorse of a light that clips onto your bike or pack, can recharge your smartphone, and runs for up to 52 hours on a single charge. It's available in four colors, AND it's sleek design doesn't make you look like you moonlight as a doomsday prepper. What's not to like?
8. WORD Notebooks has garnered something of a cult following as a super-simple, affordable, anti-Moleskin alternative in the pocketable notebooks category.  They come in packs of three, so you'll have journals for days.
9. Last, but not least, get inspired with some handmade jewelry from New Zealand's Gold Pan Pete. If you want the Wander necklace below, you've got to hurry because we only have one more in stock!