Transformation, part 2

 Just days prior to opening, we still had a massive checklist of last minute items to finish: the final inspection had to be conducted (which actually required some additional electrical work to be completed in order to be compliant), final fixtures needed to be installed (including our amazing bag wall, pictured under construction above), paint touch-ups had to be done all throughout the space, the floors had to be cleaned and polished, merchandising needed to be done, and two product shipments were yet to arrive. In addition, our previous website proved inadequate as we began to add inventory, so Jason had to design and build this current one in a hurry (we like it a lot better).
Speaking of the bag wall, it is 100% poplar and was acquired straight from a mill here in Missouri. From there, our contractor ( chainsaw scored and then torched the wood to give it the rough hewn surface that looks so good against our products. After I marked out the location of them, he then nailed in the rail spikes to hold up the bags.  
Once the fixtures were up, the touch-ups complete, and the floors were swept and polished, the merchandising went pretty quickly (Jason used be the Merchandising Designer for a luggage store chain out of Chicago, which made it easier, especially combined with Mandi's interior design know-how). 
The last thing to go up before opening night was the Oru Beach Kayak display. Less than 24 hours before we took the paper down from the front windows, Jason was pacing the aisles of Lowes trying to decide upon an installation that would be safe for shoppers and sturdy, yet also easy enough for the Kayak to be accessible for someone who might want to see it closer.
photo by Ann Aurbach (@annkphotography)
Below are the last images of the store prior to the public seeing it:
photos on the wall are by Andy Holman (@andrewdouglasholman) 
For all the stressful scrambling and late nights it took to get there, our opening night went really well, and we've had a excellent reception from the city so far (come in and shop if you haven't yet). 
Since opening, we've adding some cool additions, including a Tentsile Flite+ Tree Tent that hovers over our showroom:
We've also expanded our bag lineup to include both Fjallraven and TOPO Designs: