Meridian Line

In 2010, noted artist, climber and author Jeremy Collins started selling signed prints from his studio under the name “Meridian Mapworks”. This quickly overwhelmed his capacity to keep up with orders and he had to make a plan. The seed was planted and began to grow: a brand built from a life of story, adventure and art.

In 2014, Meridian Line™ was born and within the year the graphic tee and accessory line was a nationally recognized brand appearing in National Park shops, and hundreds of small and large outdoor retail chains. This seed was blooming.

In early 2016, Jeremy met with noted fashion designer (and eventual partner and co-founder) Benji Thrasher. The two had worked on collaboration projects for years with other brands in the outdoor space, but knew that as a team they could deliver Meridian Line to it's full potential.

Joining forces, they immediately set to work on a full mens and women's apparel line, including stretch denim made with organic cotton. As the team continues to expand, so too does the vision, yet staying true to their roots in full blown adventure, art from the journey, and a life of story.

True to their commitment to BE DAREFUL OUT THERE™, they are launching their bold giveback program in mid-2018. This is a grant program for storytellers and change-makers called MAPS (Mindful Action Projects). Meridian Lines audacious goal is 100 projects in five years.
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