In 2012, Tradlands' founder Sadie had a simple idea: making high-quality essentials for women, inspired by classic menswear. Clothing that a mother can pass down to her daughter … or that her daughter will borrow from her closet. For the world traveler or new mom or CEO, she wanted to empower their customers with products that are timeless and comfortable. The Tradlands team is committed to designing and constructing items you love today and value for years to come. Inspired by him, designed for you.

At Tradlands, their intention is to make the best clothing for their customers, the woman who drifts towards the men’s section and thinks, "I wish they made this for me." They create menswear-inspired staples for women with a relentless emphasis on fit, details, and quality. All of their products are guaranteed to last and made to be lived in.

Each new product, like their business, is developed slowly and sustainably. They obsessively engineer each detail and refine their customer favorites every year. When great features come together you will immediately sense the subtle quality that stems from a balance of design, construction, and finely crafted components.

Tradlands now partners with boutique clothing manufacturers and all over the world - United States, Mexico, Italy, China - who love their craft and care about the people they employ. They hold social welfare and production quality to the highest standards. Tradlands is proud to work with them and to share their work with you. Together, they employ adults who are paid a living wage, work in bright, clean and airy environments, and choose to come to work every day. They visit their production facilities regularly to assure a happy and healthy environment.

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