Word. Notebooks

The Story of Word. Notebooks
As daily notebook users, they wanted to create the perfect pocket version to keep with them at all times. A notebook that was both stylish and functional. Something they’d enjoy looking at that could also handle all the lists they craft on a daily basis.

They realized that each of them had their own system used while jotting notes. Whether it was starring certain items or coming up with different bullet points, they all did something to organize the things they were writing down. They decided to standardize a system for all these lists and reminders and pack it inside a stylish notebook.

With that, Word. Notebooks was born.

Each one features a unique system to help organize your life and they’re all designed and made in the USA.

They hope to become your go-to pocket notebook.

Word. Notebooks Are Meant To Be Archived
Once you’ve filled one up, store it someplace safe so you can look back on the things you were up to when you used it. They’ll continue to create new styles so your collection can grow with time.

Who They Are
Word. is a team of online publishers based in New Jersey. They run a handful of websites including Cool Material and Incredible Things. Word. Notebooks is a side project started out of the desire to have the perfect notebook with them at all times. They design each pattern in-house and work with a local printer to get them made and into your hands. The Word. logo was created with the help of Los Angeles-based designer Evan Walker. Select Word. designs were created with the help of NJ-based graphic designer Jennifer Chasteen.

Uses For Word:
  • Daily, Weekly, monthly to-do lists
  • A packing list before your next trip
  • Restaurants you want to try out
  • Song to download
  • Crafting your ultimate bucket list
  • Grocery List
  • Beers you want to try
  • Keep track and follow your workout routine
  • Holiday shopping lists
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