Aura Easy Denim Chalk Bag
Aura Easy Denim Chalk Bag

Aura Easy Denim Chalk Bag

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Using a light colored denim and original Aura patch, this limited edition chalk bag is handmade in Denver, Colorado just for you.  

High strength Paracord is used to ensure a tight closure on the high quality chalk cover.  For the interior of the bag, there's anti-pill fleece lining for a soft touch when retrieving chalk.  

This bag runs around a smaller bouldering size chalk bag.  The interior reinforcement and square base makes for a bag that stands up by itself.


  • Outer: light weight denim
  • Inner: blended jersey fabric to anti-pill fleece
  • Closure: Paracord with brass hardware and spring loaded closure
  • Two loops are sewn in to the structure for a belt or carabiner
  • Limited edition run